Custom Character Notepad


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Custom Character Notepad
Custom Character Notepad
Custom Character Notepad
Custom Character Notepad
Custom Character Notepad

Item takes 12-15 business days to ship.

Please leave your email at checkout in case there’s any complications, Critterosity does not text/call.

How to Customize:

*Write the digital character or full print name Critterosity has already done from the “Art Prints” section in the menu of the shop and the title of the print (for example I have 2 Yodas, so please write the title of the one you like.

*If just a character, not a full background (like the sample photo of the mermaid) and you would like a color behind them, please write the background color. If nothing, it will remain white.

*Color Your Own Notepad - Please write the title of the "Art Print" the character is on. Just one character (so if more than one character is on the art print, please specify).

*If you’d like a message at the bottom, please let the Artist know what you would like them to write and please spellcheck. Nothing inappropriate as Critterosity is a family friendly business. Artist will create product with the color you have chosen and font, if you have a message, as they see fit.

50 Sheets, 4”x5.5”


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