Snow Buns Crazy

Thanks for purchasing an Advent Box filled with toasty lil buns! Today you get some digital downloads☃️

Feel free to share your final pieces in your Instagram stories and tag me. You can also share on TickTock and tag me so I can do a duet.

Please do not share with anyone, print or sell the art you see here, thanks!

Click on this link to get a little Critterosity story:


Let’s Start the Fun:

You can screen record and play this little one on your stories to some music!

Save one of these screensavers/wallpaper and use as a backdrop for any device! 


Right click to open in a new window, print it or save as a jpeg to color digitally. I am softer so you can draw over them easily. Take your time to create little faces on each of the characters and feel free to add an accessory to the Snow Buns!

Use this PNG below in any app that lets you add a layer to a photo. Add some cheer to family holiday photos, pictures of you and send to friends! Please don’t share the PNG, just the finalized photos you use them on.