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If you want a commission, I ask that you follow the guidelines:

Purchase and then send me an email to tell me your idea.

8x8/8x10 layout depending on Critterosity's choice for layout ($200)

Must be 90's or earlier cartoon character from tv or movies

I am 100% in control of art direction and am allowed to do it ANY WAY I think is best. However, you will be asked if I need some direction (eyes closed or open, chibi or more like the character, etc)

I am not flexible on these themes, so please don't ask to change the theme. These are in demand and I really don't want to relist. 

I HAVE UNTIL the end of MARCH 2023 to complete all, meaning, I make when the mood strikes and may do yours closer to the end of March or you may be the first one I create. I just might do them all before the end of January. Been working on them live on Tik Tok for those who want to see me work on originals.

Thanks to those interested and who invest in an original.

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