Custom Envelopes - 50 Matching Envelopes


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Custom Envelopes - 50 Matching Envelopes
Custom Envelopes - 50 Matching Envelopes

How to order:

Go to the shop menu and select "Art Designs". Theme it or don't, that's the fun part!

Find 2 art designs or characters to put on each side of your envelope

Write in the notes the full name and address for return area, the titles of the art designs (and which side you want them on: back is flap, front is address side), and if you want the art on back of the envelope (by flap) to be left, right or center.

Some images will have the background, while others may be silhouette, so if you prefer one way or the other, write that in the notes too. The artist will let you know if they cannot do what you asked. 

Non "limited edition" art designs can be used (make sure you check the Art Design title and description to make sure it doesn't say "limited edition".

Can take up to 15 business days to ship (not counting holidays or weekends)

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