Let’s Get Digital WORKSHOP - 2/22 Virtual


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Let’s Get Digital WORKSHOP - 2/22 Virtual

This class will be streaming live virtually, a private stream for those who purchase tickets. To pick the character you desire, please select the ticket that matches. If you’d like to do character A, please purchase ticket A.

Thursday 2/22 - 5pm, PST

you will be able to re-watch if you miss the live, but please do not share this workshop if you have purchased. 

We will be going over how to paint digitally, starting with a Sketch of the Design first, then painting flat to texture. Learn how to use procreate if you are a beginner, and for those that already are intermediate, enjoy painting and relaxing.

all you will need is a tablet and procreate. If you choose to use another program, Critterosity will not be teaching anything outside of procreate.

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