Sip & Paint in Lake County, CA: Vote for the Design You Want


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Sip & Paint in Lake County, CA: Vote for the Design You Want

WRITE IN THE NOTES WHAT CHARACTER YOU WANT TO VOTE FOR (if buying more than 1 ticket, you can write each vote).

Critterosity’s spin on:

Deer, Cute Squatch, Winnie the Pooh, Cat, Rabbit, “Genie” from I Dream if Genie, Tiger, Unicorn

By purchasing a ticket, you will be okay with any character/design that wins from above. You are casting your vote in the notes to better the chances.

Unlike most Sip & Paints, critterosity teaches a sketching instruction for the design, which is then followed by a painting tutorial. don’t worry, with Critterosity‘s expertise teaching skills, everyone can follow along easily.

THE PRICE FOR THE WORKSHOP INCLUDES A MEAL: Vegetatian chili, salad, a soup option, corn bread, bread rolls, cookies, water & lemonade.


This workshop will be time consuming, this is why we ask attendees to be 12 and over. 2-2.5 hrs instructed, 1/2 hr to finish your paintings. You will know the attendee better than us, so if they are under 12, we just ask no younger than nine years old.

If under 18, parent or guardian must help with their questions as this is a workshop on a time limit. Please make sure they are going to have fun and not worry about getting it perfect. 

Held In Finley, CA.

12-2:30/3pm: Please try to arrive during this time to eat and then begin the workshop by 12:15/12:20.

40 attendees guaranteed, if sold out, please contact to see if there is more room. 

ALL MATERIALS are provided. You may bring your own materials if you like, but no discounts will be given. We will be using Gouache on Watercolor paper

If running late, please still attend if before 12:45pm, after please do not interrupt. You will forfeit your ticket and space. 

If you do not have a ticket, you cannot be in the workshop, not even to stay with a paying customer. Thank you for understanding.

Games and Giveaways are included in ticket! Everyone leaves with a parting gift of Critterosity art! 

Critterosity, staff and The Clear Lake Grange reserve the right to remove any attendees who are not being respectful or we feel are not able to participate for any reason. Critterosity will not be refunding tickets after January 15, 2022. You must cancel in a timely manner to receive a refund as items are purchased for the event to accommodate those with tickets. To cancel:

The Clear Lake Grange is in no way affiliated with this workshop or Critterosity. The Clear Lake Grange is providing location only. Critterosity is in no way affiliated with The Clear Lake Grange establishment. Please be respectful of the space and careful when using paints. Critterosity has the right to bill customers who destroy Critterosity property. Please treat ALL EVENT STAFF and others with respect. Thank you and let’s PAINT!

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