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Spoopy Mystery Box: Series 2 - ALL THE MERCH

Spoopy Mystery Box: Series 2 - ALL THE MERCH

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This box will be the exclusive collectible box + MERCH, NO originals (no hand painted or hand drawn items). I am one person, so I have limited the amount of each mystery box I can do with originals.

Ships in late Sept/early October. Latest date will be Friday the 13th of October.

No fan art characters, all original designs, meaning I made up the characters on merch. 

$50 retail of other merch and you’re getting the box too ($10 value)! This can range from stickers, prints, stationery, sticker sheets, stamps and more! You just never know! Each box will vary, but be similar (May get a print of one design while someone else gets a print of another). That’s part of the the fun!

Trades can be made on items you may not need/want a different design: @critterositytradingpost on Instagram 

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