The Dreaded Tax Prep Workshop


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The Dreaded Tax Prep Workshop


Tuesday, Aug 4th, 5:30pm, PST

Email will be sent before live broadcast, live link will be sent 5-15 min before broadcast.

Hate doing tax prep? Unorganized and need help? Don’t understand deductions? Do you even have to file taxes? So many questions I’ve thought too.

This is a basic workshop for those starting or struggling to get a handle on keeping track of income and deductions. 

First, I am not a master at the subject and don’t have all the answers. I pay to have my taxes filed and do not do them myself, all I do is get all the numbers ready so they can do their job. 

Each year of doing business I grow a bit more knowledgeable. I want to host another one of my Live workshops where I help with some of my methods and also, suggest some other ideas.

I’m based in California, so some of our tax requirements will not be the same in other states, but that doesn’t stop the basics and keeping up throughout the year.

I will also have a schedule planned out so we can be accountable for your tax prep each month so we’re not trying to do it all at the end.

This video will be private and saved for those who want to purchase in the future. Anyone with the link can rewatch anytime, I just ask that you do not sell or give the link away. This is my livelihood, experience and time. If you pay for the link, why should others not have to?

Watching live is great because questions can be presented and answers may be given. If purchasing at a later date, you can also ask questions via email, however, I’ll answer when I can. 


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