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Spoopy Mystery Box: Series 2

Spoopy Mystery Box: Series 2

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I am one person, so I have limited the amount of each mystery box I can do.

Ships in late Sept/early October. 

Each box will have an original from the box you go with:

Paper Monster Girl Collage ($50-$120 value): Each will look similar to photos, photos show designs made for past subscribers. Each paper cut Monster Girl is unique and you have no guarantee which one you will receive. No fan art characters, all original. 

Ghost Squatch Brooch ($40-$80 value): There is no guarantee what your Ghost Squatch Brooch will look like. You have an option of a Mickey Hat as well (an email will be sent to ask). Each brooch comes with a stand. 

Box will also include $50 retail of other merch! This can range from stickers, prints, stationery, sticker sheets, stamps and more! You just never know! Each box will vary, but be similar (May get a print of one design while someone else gets a print of another). That’s part of the the fun!

Trades can be made on items you may not need/want a different design: @critterositytradingpost on Instagram 

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