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YETI-O CARD Round 1 - Must leave email at checkout

ONE PER PERSON in your household, I am using the honor system, remember, this is for everyone to have fun. If there are several of you in the house, then I do understand. But please don’t keep them all for yourself. Each person in your house that is really going to play, please purchase 1 card for each of them.

Raising funds for a cause: @wetlandswildlifecarecenter

Round 1:

Live on @critterosity Instagram Thursday, June 4th at 6pm, PST


Live on @critterosiry Instagram Thursday, June 4th at 7/7:15pm when the other game is complete. We will start a new live video. Round 2 is ANY TICKETS PURCHASED AFTER first round sells out (email will say Round 2).

Help a cause out by purchasing a card and playing live! The event will happen whether your tuned in or not, so make sure you set your alarms! Funds are nonrefundable and go directly to the cause that week. One person will be winning $20 worth of Critterosity prizes! These events will be for US residents only as shipping international at this time is restricted. Have some fun for a cause!

20 cards, 20 players.

“Card” will be emailed to you at some point Wednesday prior to live, download/print out, color, and have fun! Artist will have what card they sent you, so there is no cheating.

Artist will announce each week what the funds will go toward, they will also donate $10 as well. Live on Instagram is where the event will take place each week.

1 game per live event.

If you have the winning card, you will type in YETI-O into comments & Critterosity will check card while you’re live. If you win, you’ll be announced, if not, continue playing❤️