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Find Your Crew Design
Find Your Crew Design

LUNA's glasses will have color unlike the photo here.

Items that say 3-4 weeks are preordered, please DO NOT group them unless you are buying all 3-4 week items. 

Other items are preorder, but ship within 15 business days.

Please note there will be more added to this line before the end of the month, this is only the beginning!

HP Fabric will be up soon for pre-order, please be sure to watch IG stories.

Printed on 100 lb. paper. Watermark will not appear on merchandise.

Embellished prints come with gold, glitter or both, artist decides what is best.

Write your size in the notes. Shoes run slightly bigger. 
Shoe Sizes:
W 12 / M 10
W 10.5 / M 9
W 10 / M 8.5
W 9.5 / M 8 
W 9 / M 7.5
W 8.5 / M 7 
W 7.5 / M 6
W 6.5 / M 5
W 6 / M 4.5

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